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K de Chelle
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my name is Chelle and I will stick with that :)
I am 17, an Indonesian born Chinese and also an 100% Protestant

Currently I am in my final year of highschool and preparing for the university in auttumn. If everything going well and properly like as planned, I will enter International Relation major in one of the best (I guess) uni here

I love writing, I love photography, I love food especially sweets, I love reading, I love music, I love drawing, I love nature, I love travelling, I love shopping, I love talking, I love movies and dramas, I love youtube, I love livejournal
I'm a freelancer writer, I wrote many boys love stories in the past
I'm a freelancer photographer, I did it for fun
I'm a freelancer subber, uploader and graphic designer

my loves:
Yasui Kentaro
Hip Hop JUMP
Sexy Zone
Kyomoto Taiga
Nozawa Yuuki
Sanada Yuuma
Abe Ryouhei
Yodogawa Yoshihiro
Hiromi Goto

I admire:
Lady diana, Princess of Wales
Walt Disney
Michelle Phan
J.K. Rowling
Lindy Tsang a.k.a. Bubz Beauty
Chriselle Lim

more info at my friending post
and found my subbed/shared files here at my community
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